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General description Glycosaminoglycan that builds connective tissue.
Found - naturally found in connective tissue of mammalians
Anti-aging role - slow down development and relieves symptoms of osteoarthritis
- keep joint health
- reduce pain in joints
- improve mobility of joints
- local usage (injections) - reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis
Therapeutic doses - osteoarthritis - 800 - 2000 mg/day in one or more doses
Maximum safe level Not established.
Side effects - headache
- mood changes
- skin rash with blisters
- diarrhea, constipation
- abdominal pain
- nausea
Contraindications - seafood allergy
- asthma
High risk groups - older people
Composition formulas - usually in combination with glucosamine and MSM
- origin: usually shark or bovine cartilage
Other remarks - chondroitine is excreted by urine