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Supplement information: FLUORIDE
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General description Essential element required for teeth and bone health.
Found - tea leafs
- little bluefish
- commercial fruit juices
- cooked rice
- cooked bluefish
- cooked chicken
Anti-aging role - formation of strong bones and teeth
Deficiency symptoms - increased risk of dental caries
Therapeutic doses Not established.
European RDA: 3,5 mg
Maximum safe level Not established.
Side effects Do not take additional fluoride.
High risk groups ACUTE INTOXICATION:
- 5 mg/kg of body weight - the smallest dose that cause intoxication
- lethal dose - 15 mg/kg body weight
- nausea, vomiting
- abdominal pain
- diarrhea
- increased salivation
- lacrimation
- sweating
- general weakness
Composition formulas - fluoride supplementation is not recommended, so there is no fluoride supplements
Other remarks - fluor is added to drinking water, toothpaste, mouth - washes
- fluoride salts are water soluble
- 95% of fluor is in form of hydroxiapathite in teeth and bones