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Supplement information: GABA (GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID)
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General description Non - essential amino acid - neurotransporter.
Found - beans
- brewer yeas
- dairy products
- eggs
- seafood
- legumes
- meat
- nuts
- soy
Anti-aging role - stimulation of the pituitary gland to release growth hormone
- increase lean body mass
- aiding relaxation
- decrease epileptic seizures and muscle cramps
- lower blood pressure
- help to control hypoglycemia
- prevents anxiety, promote sleeps
- decrease PMS symptoms.
Deficiency symptoms None known
Therapeutic doses 200 mg up to 4 times / day
Maximum safe level Not established
Side effects - tingling sensation in the face
- shortness of breath shortly after taking the supplement
Both effects only last for few minutes.
- drowsiness
Contraindications - kidney or liver disease
Composition formulas - mostly in capsule or sublingual tablets form
Other remarks - it's not recommended to use GABA more than 12 weeks without a brake