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Supplement information: GLUCOSAMINE
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General description Amino sugar important for junk tissue construction.
Found - seashells
Anti-aging role - delay osteoarthritis (tablets, injection)
- prevent joint swelling
- reduce joint pain
- local - reduce osteoarthritis and sport injuries symptoms
Deficiency symptoms Not possible.
Therapeutic doses - preventive - 300 - 500 g three times a day
- slowing bone degeneration - 3 g a day
- osteoarthritis - 400 mg injected in joint two times a week
Maximum safe level Not established.
Side effects - flatulance
- heartburn
- stomach upset
- headache

- to prevent side effects, take glucosamine supplements with meal
Contraindications - seashell allergy
Interactions - it's assumed that glucosamine interfer with Boswellia Serrata (Ayurveda plant) - sinergistic, prevent arthritis
- varfarin
- antitumor drugs
High risk groups - older people
Composition formulas - usually as glucosamine sulphate, in supplements for joint health
- usually in combination with MSM and/or chondroitine
- in creams for rerducing joint pain in sport injuries, reumatoid arthritis, combinated with camphor and menthol
- glucosamine sulphate injections
- glucosamine chloride is not effective
Other remarks - glucosamine is not the same as N-acetilglucosamine
- sulphat is needed for cartilage construction, that's why chondrotine sulphate is the most effective