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Supplement information: METHIONINE
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General description Essential amino acids
Found - brewers yeast
- dairy products
- meat
- fish, seafood
- eggs
Anti-aging role - required for the absorption, transport and bioavailability of zinc and selenium in the body
- prevent bacteria from adhering to the wall of the bladder - treatment for recurrent urinary tract infection
- prevent acetaminophen toxicity
Deficiency symptoms - apathy, lethargy
- loss of pigmentation in the hair
- edema
- muscle loss, fat loss
- liver damage
- weakness
- slowed growth in children
Therapeutic doses 500 mg taken 3 times / day - in treatment of urinary infection
Maximum safe level Not established
Side effects Animal studies suggest that a high intake of methionin in presence of B - vitamin deficiency may increase risk of developing atherosclerosis by increasing blood cholesterol and homocysteine level
Contraindications - Parkinson disease
- liver or kidney disease