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Supplement information: PARA - AMINO BENZOIC ACID (PABA)
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General description Hydrosoluble compound important for skin and hair health.
Found - brewers yeast
- liver
- wheat germ
- eggs
- organ meats
- yogurt
- green leafy vegetables
Anti-aging role - stimulates intestinal bacteria wich aids in production of vitamin B 5
- production of blood cells
- metabolism of the proteins
- healthy skin, hair
- intestinal health
- aid in vitiligo
Deficiency symptoms Similar to symptoms caused by folic acid and vitamin B 5 but including vitiligo, fatigue, irritability depression, nervousness, headache, constipation
Therapeutic doses 50 - 100 mg combined with a B - complex supplements. RDA is not established.
Maximum safe level Not established
Side effects Excessive doses: hypoglycemia, rash, fever, liver damage
Interactions - dapsone
- methotrexate
- sulfomethoxazole
- sulfosalazine
- trimetoprim