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Supplement information: PHOSPHORUS
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General description Mineral essential for teeth and bone health.
Found - meat
- fish (salmon, halibut)
- eggs
- milk, cheese (mozzarella)
- nuts (peanuts, almonds)
- legumes (lentil)
- cereals
Anti-aging role - bone mineralization
- help with muscular fatigue
- important for the heart regularity
- transmission of nerve impulses
- build phospholipids
- buld ATP and other energy-rich compounds
- participate in activation and inhibition of hormons, enzymes and receptors
Deficiency symptoms - musle weakness
- anemia
- increased susceptibility to infection
- appetite loss
- rickets, osteomalation
- stiffness of the limbs
Therapeutic doses RDA for adults: 800 - 1200 mg
European RDA: 800 mg
Maximum safe level 1500 mg / day for adults
Side effects Excess phosphorus can lower blood calcium
Contraindications - calcium supplements and anthacids containing magnesium may low phosphorus absoprtion
- large doses of vitamin D can cause hyperphosphatemia
High risk groups - alcoholics
- diabetics recovering from ketoacidosis
- people with malnutrition
- patient with respiratory alcalose
- people with anorexia nervosa
Composition formulas - Centrum Men, 120 tableta; 20 mg phosphorus