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Supplement information: TAURINE
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General description A non-essential amino acid.
Found - meat
- brewer yeas
- dairy products
- eggs
- seafood, fish
Anti-aging role - protect cell membrane from damage
- stimulating the release of IL - 1 in macrophages
- increasing the phagocytic and bacterial activity of neutrophils
- detoxify toxic substances
- useful in the treatment of cognitive heart failure
- useful for acute viral hepatitis
- promotes the activity of SOD
- stabilize the fluidity of the membrane lipids and as such participates in postponing the aging process of brain neural cells
- prevent the formation of clots, lower blood pressure
- prevent the progression of arteriosclerosis
- significant improvement in systolic lef ventricular injury
- protect the heart from oxidative stress and post ischemic injury
- antioxydant
- reduce risk of Alzheimer disease
- essential for the proper function of the kidney
- ameliorating diabetic nephropathy by reducing renal oxidant injury
Deficiency symptoms - anxiety
- epilepsy
- hyperactivity
- impaired brain function

Low levels of cysteine and vitamin B 6 can cause taurine deficiency
Therapeutic doses 1,5 - 6 g / day
Maximum safe level Not established.
Side effects Excessive doses: depression, memory loss
Contraindications - kidney or liver disease