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Supplement information: VITAMIN B 12 (COBALAMIN or CYANOCOBALAMIN)
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General description Hydrosoluble vitamin necessary for normal DNA synthesis.
Found - organ meats (liver)
- beef, pork
- eggs
- whole milk
- cheese
- fish
Anti-aging role - vital for normal cell activity
- DNA replication
- production of blood cells
- production of the mood - affecting substance SAM - e.
- control homocysteine level
- improve cognitive function
- treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome
Deficiency symptoms - Vegans

Pernicious anemia, weaknes, sore and inflamed tongue that appears smooth and shiny, numbness and tingling in extremities, irritability, depression, mental detoriation, senile dementia, paranoid psychosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diarrhea, poor appetite
Therapeutic doses 500 - 1000 mcg.
RDA - 2,4 mcg
RDA for pregnant women - 2,6 mcg
RDA for lactating women - 2,8 mcg
European RDA - 1 mcg
Maximum safe level 3000 mcg (long and short term)
Side effects Not established
Contraindications Leber disease