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Supplement information: VITAMIN D (ERGOCALCIFEROL)
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General description Liposoluble vitamin important in calcium metabolism.
Found - cod liver oil
- egg yolks
- margarine and cereals are often fortified with vitamin D
Anti-aging role - apsortion of calcium from the intestine
- utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the bones
- proper functionin of the thyroid and pituitary glands
- improve psoriasis
- cell membrane fluidity
- protect from multiple sclerosis, autoimmune arthritis and diabetes type 1
- protect against breast, colon and prostate cancer
- protect against heart disease
Deficiency symptoms - osteomalacia in adults
- rickets in children
- irritability, restlessness, fitful sleeping, frequent crying
- deleyed eruption of teeth
- soft and yielding skull
Therapeutic doses 400 - 800 IU from fish liver oil
RDA for men - 200 IU
RDA for women:
19 - 40 year - 400 IU
41 - 70 year - 600 IU
European RDA: 5 mcg
Pregnant and nursing women max. 800 IU / day
Maximum safe level 10 mcg - long term usage
50 mcg - short term usage
Side effects Doses greater than 1000 IU: high blood presure, premature hardening of the arteries, detoriation of bones, calcium build up in muscles and soft tissues, kidney damage.
Interactions - antacides containing magnesium
- thiazide diuretics (hydrochlorthiazide)