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Supplement information: BACOPA
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General description Ayurveda plant with stimulative effect.
Found - Bacopa monnieri
Anti-aging role - significantly improve overall cognitive function
- reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
- it's considered that has an anti-age effect (Ayurveda)
Deficiency symptoms Not possible.
Therapeutic doses Not established.
Recommended: 300 mg a day during 12 weeks.
Maximum safe level It's not recommended to use Bacopa more than 12 weeks without a brake.
Side effects - nausea, vomiting
- abdominal cramps
- abundant stool
- fatigue
- bradycardia
Contraindications - bradycardia
- hypertireoidism
Interactions - milk thistle
- turmeric
- green tea catehins
Other remarks - use Bacopa supplements with fatty food