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Supplement information: COLOSTRUM
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General description Mixture of nutrients, enzymes, antibodies and growth factors with immunostimulating effect.
Found - the mammary glands of mammals (first milk)
Anti-aging role - boost immune system
- prevent muscle inflammation during long-term workout
- relive travel diarrhea caused by HIV and E. coli infection
- prevent travel diarrhea
- enhance gain weight and muscle proteins synthesis, boost sport performances
- stimulate insulin secretion
- reduce abdominal pain and ulcerative collitis symptoms
- it's considered that colostrum has an anti-age effect
Deficiency symptoms Not possible.
Therapeutic doses - 400 - 3500 mg /day, take shortly after meal
- infective diarrhea: 10-20 g/day during 10 days
Maximum safe level Not established.
Side effects Not recorded.
Contraindications - milk and diary allergy
- children under 1 year of age should not take this product
Composition formulas - powder, capsules with colostrum powder
Other remarks - colostrum that reduce diarrhea symptoms should be taken from milk of immunized cows (additionally immunized colostrum)