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Supplement information: CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID (CLA)
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General description Polyunsaturated fatty acid that promote weight loss.
Found - red meat (beef)
- milk and diary
- safflower
Anti-aging role - promote weight loss - improve fatty acid oxidation
- low high blood pressure
- antioxidant
Deficiency symptoms Not possible.
Therapeutic doses 3200 - 6400 mg/ day with meals
Maximum safe level Not established.
Side effects In theory there is possibility that using CLA may increase triglycerides blood level
Contraindications - not recommended to diabetics
Interactions - resveratrol inhibits CLA activity
Composition formulas - capsules with powder
- supplements are mixture od cis and trans isomeres of CLA, usually of natural origin from safflower oil
Other remarks - there are two CLA isomers - c9t11 and t10c12
- CLA is effective only in physically active people