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Supplement information: GUGGULSTERON (GUGGUL, GUGULIPID)
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General description Liposoluble fitosteroid compound with beneficial effects on cardiovascular system.
Found - guggul (Indian bdellium-tree, Commiphora wightii)
Anti-aging role - lower high blood pressure
- lower triglyceride blood level
- enhance thyroid function
- anti-inflammatory effect
- decrease arthritis symptoms
- decrease acne
- enhance detoxification
- it's considered that in combination with other antioxidants and physical activity can stimulate weight loss
Deficiency symptoms Not possible.
Therapeutic doses - 400-500 mg three times a day - guggul plant extract
- 25 mg three times a day - isolated guggulsterones
Maximum safe level - long - term - 1 g/day - max 5 months without a brake
Side effects - skin rash
- stomach upset
Contraindications - thyroid function disorders, hyperthyroidism
- it's not recommended to use during pregnancy and breast feeding
- children
Interactions - thyreostatics, thyroid stimulates
- blood pressure lowering drugs
Composition formulas - by itself or in combination with other plants or plant extracts, usually in combination with triphala
Other remarks - for visible long-term results, it's recommended to use guggul minimum 45 days without a brake