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Supplement information: VITAMIN E (TOCOPHEROL)
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General description Liposoluble vitamin with strong antioxidant activity important for fertility.
Found - wheat germ oil
- soybean oil
- peanuts
- whole grains
- leafy green vegetables, cabbage, spinach, broccoli
- egg yolks
Anti-aging role - antioxydant
- useful in gangrene, diabetes, congenital heart disease, phlebitis
- prevent stroke and other cardiovascular problems
- protect against prostate cancer
- normalize activity of ovaries
lower risk of developing Alzheimer disease
- help realive menopausal symptoms
- increase stamina in athlets and improve action of insulin
- applied externally: eliminates radiation, burns
Deficiency symptoms - decreased survivel time of red blood cells
- faulty fat apsorption
- anemia in premature infants
- degeneration of the brain and spinaql cord
- premature birth and higher risk of miscarriage
- decrease in sex hormones
- higher risk of skin cancer
Therapeutic doses 400 - 1200 IU - d alpha tocoferol
RDA for men 10 mg
RDA for women 8 mg
European RDA: 15 mg (22 IU)
Maximum safe level 800 IU for long term usage
1000 mg vitamin E is equivalent to 1500 IU natural or 1100 IU synthetic vitamin E
Contraindications People with scheduled for elective surgery are advised to avoid vitamin E two day before and after surgery.
Interactions - anticoagulant drugs: warferin, aspirin