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Supplement information: ASTAXANTHIN
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General description Lipophilic carotene and strong antioxidant with anti-age effect.
Found - salmon
- lobster, shrimps
- arctic krill
Anti-aging role - strong antioxidant
- prevent atherosclerosis
- lower blood LDL level
- anti-inflammatory effect
- boost immune system
- prevent oxidative DNA damage
- prevent adverse effect of UVA rays on skin and eyes
- inhibit melanin production and delay skin aging
- induce skin repair
- smooth wrinkles and keep skin moisture
- it's considered that astaxanthin can reduce symptoms of stroke, Alzheimer and Parkinson deseases
Deficiency symptoms Not possible.
Therapeutic doses - antioxidant - 2-16 mg/ day
- skin vitality - 4-8 mg/ day
Maximum safe level Not established.
It's considered that long-term usage of high doses doesn't have harmful effect.
Side effects - long-term high doses - orange colored feces
Contraindications - endocrine system diseases (inhibits activity of 5-alpha-reductase - inhibits transform of dihydrotestosterone to testosterone)
Interactions - potential interactions with asthma, hormone replacement, cholesterol lowering and immunosuppressive drugs, and oral contraceptives
Composition formulas - usually by itself in capsules or in combination with vitamin E
- in anti-aging creams