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Supplement information: CAFFEINE
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General description Stimulating xanthine alkaloid.
Found - coffee
- green tea, black tea
- mate
- guarana
- cola
Anti-aging role - neurostimulant
- increase alertness
- improve concentration
- decrease fatigue, headache and migraine attacks
- promote weight loss and speed up metabolism
- improve anaerobic sport performances
- stimulate adrenaline secretion
- topical use - reduce sings of fatigue on skin, has beneficial effect on dermatitis, redness and itching, stimulates microcirculation
Deficiency symptoms Not possible.
Therapeutic doses - 4 - 6 mg/kg of body weight
- it's recommended to start with smaller dose (100 mg/day) and gradually increase
Maximum safe level Not established.
Side effects - fast heart rate
- insomnia
- euphoria
- high blood pressure
- low insulin sensitivity
Contraindications - it's not recommended for people with heart diseases, hypertension and hyperthyroidism
Interactions - beta blockers
- creatine
- analgesics
- echinacea
- theanine and theophylline
- melatonine

- it's not recommended to use other stimulants during caffeine supplementation
Composition formulas - drinks that contain high doses of caffeine (coffee, tea) or tablets and capsules with caffeine powder
- usually in combination with other substances that improve weight loss and sport performances
Other remarks - the impact of caffeine on the body depends on the frequency of its application
- 6-8 hours is required for the caffeine to extract from the body