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Supplement information: CHROMIUM
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General description Essential element important in glucose metabolism.
Found - brewers yeast
- black pepper
- liver
- cereals
- broccoli
- cheese
- legumes
- mushrooms
Anti-aging role - improve glucose sensitivity and glucose uptake
- fat loss
- promote weight loss
- boost muscle mass
- lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, trigyceride level
- increase HDL cholesterol
- lower risk of developing heart disease
Deficiency symptoms - diabetic - like state - abnormal glucose uptake and increased need for inuslin
- impaired growth
- elevated blood lipids
- increased aortic plaque formation
- decreased fertility and longevity
Therapeutic doses 200 - 400 mcg of GTF (Glucose tolerance factor chromium) taken with other minerals
European RDA: 25 mcg / day
Maximum safe level Not established because of low absorption.
Side effects Some chromium supplements contain yeast witch can interfere with certain prescription medicines.
Contraindications - pregnancy
- nursing women
- people with epilepsy
Interactions - simultaneously vitamin C supplementation elevate plasmatic chromium level
- high intake of simple sugars increase urine excretion of chromium
High risk groups - sporters
- pregnant women, especially the ones with gestational diabetes
- lactating women
- people with type 2 diabetes
Composition formulas - pycolinate, chloride, nicotinate
Other remarks - for therapeutic purposes is used trivalent chromium