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Supplement information: LYSINE
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General description Essential amino acid important in colagen synthese.
Found - beans
- brewer yeast
- dairy products
- eggs
- seafood, fish
- legumes
- meat
- nuts
- soy
- potatoes
- cheese
Anti-aging role - helps to regulate pineal and mammary glands and ovaries
- reduce the frequency and intensity of HSV
- it is important for growth and bone development
- promote calcium absorption
- maintaince nitrogen balance
- aids in the production of antibodies, hormones and collagen
- help to build muscle tissue
- help with the removal of stretch marks and scars
- improve sport performances
- builds carnitine
Deficiency symptoms - anemia
- apathy
- bloodshot eyes
- depression, fatigue, lethargy
- edema
- fever blisters
- hair loss
- inability to concentrate, irritability
- infertility
- loss of energy, muscle loss
- retared growth
- stomach ulcer
Therapeutic doses 1000 - 3000 mg/ day for the treatment of HSV
Maximum safe level Not established
Side effects High doses - kidney stones and other disorders.
Contraindications - liver or kidney disease
- diabetes
- allergy to eggs, milk, wheat
- it's not recommended to use lysine and high amounts of calcium at the same time
High risk groups Vegans and vegetarians
Other remarks Lysine supplements should not be taken any longer than six months as prolonged use may cause imbalance of arginine