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Supplement information: VITAMIN B 6 (PYRIDOXINE)
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General description Hydrosoluble vitamin important in protein and fatty acid metabolism.
Found - brewers yeast
- sunflower seed
- liver and other organ meats
- bananas
- walnuts, roasted peanuts
- tuna, salmon
Anti-aging role - metabolize protein, fats
- formation of adrenaline and insulin
- formation of hemoglobin
- formation of antibodies
- essential for maintain a healthy nervous system
- lower blood level of homocysteine
- useful in alleviating the symptoms of asthma
Deficiency symptoms - Vegetarians and vegans
- greasy, scaly dermatitis between the eyebrows and on body parts that rub together
- low blood sugar
- numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
- neuritis, arthritis
- trembling hands in the aged
- retention of water and swelling during pregnancy
- mental retardation, epilepsy
- kidney stone
- anemia
- babies may develop crusty yellow scabs on the scalp
Therapeutic doses 50 - 100 mg combined with a B - complex supplements.
RDA is 2 mg.
Maximum safe level 100 - 200 mg
Doses in excess of 200 mg may cause nerve damage.
Side effects Not established
Contraindications Women taking combined contraceptive pills, people aged fifty - five and above and heavy drinkers have deficit
Interactions - anticonvulsant drugs
- levodopa