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Supplement information: VITAMIN B1 (THIAMIN)
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General description Hydrosoluble vitamin important as a cofactor in carbohydrate metabolism.
Found - yellow fruit
- green and leafy vegetables, carrots
- organ meat (liver), pork
- dried beans, peas, soybeans, brown rice
- egg yolks
- milk
- fish and seafood
Anti-aging role - converts carbohydrates into energy
- promote growth
- proper digestion
- essential for nerve tissue, muscle, heart
- transmission of nerve signals between the brain and spinal cord
- repel insects and mosquitoes
- treatment of alcoholics and drug addicts
Deficiency symptoms Beri - beri: mental illness, paralysis of some eye muscles, foot drop and decreased sensation in the feet and legs.
Other symptoms: loss of apetite, constipation, neuritis, muscle atrophy, poor sleep, aches and pains, burning sensation in the feet, subjectively poor memory, difficulty concentrating, feeling tense and irritable, impaired growth
Therapeutic doses 1,4 - 100 mg.
RDA - 1,4 mg
Maximum safe level 100 mg
Side effects Not established
Contraindications Pregnant women should consult physician
Interactions - alcohol