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Supplements list
Supplement name Supplement description
Tryptophane derivate, antidepressive effect.
Alpha - glucan with strong immunomodulatory effect.
Fruit extract with antochyanins that have antioxidant effect.
Conditionally essential compound important in lipid oxidation.
Garlic extract with benefits on cardiovascular system.
Plant with beneficial effect on the skin.
Strong mitochondrial antioxidant with beneficial effects on cardiovascular system.
Conditionally essential amino acid with vasodilatation effect.
Fat - soluble form of vitamin C.
Lipophilic carotene and strong antioxidant with anti-age effect.
Ayurveda plant with stimulative effect.
Three essential amino acids that improve sport performans.
Fat soluble non-essential vitamin A precursor
Indigestible fibers with imunostimulatory effect.
Group of phenol compounds plant origin with antioxidant effect.
Water soluble enzymes cofactor
Water soluble mineral that keeps calcium in organism.
Stimulating xanthine alkaloid.
Soluble in solvents such as alcohol and other dilute acids
Fat-soluble antioxidants.
High - protein fresh water algae.
Water soluble electrolyte important for body fluid volume regulation.
Essential quaternary ammonium salt important in cholesterol metabolism.
Glycosaminoglycan that builds connective tissue.
Essential element important in glucose metabolism.
Non-essential amino acid from urea cycle with vasodilatating effect.
Anti - aging antioxidant.
Mixture of nutrients, enzymes, antibodies and growth factors with immunostimulating effect.
Polyunsaturated fatty acid that promote weight loss.
Essential trace element important to catalyze oxido-reduction reactions.
Alternative source of energy during anaerobic processes.
Lyposoluble turmeric extract with strong antioxidant effect.
Non - essential amino acids that acts over glutathione.
Plant extract that boosts immune system.
Plant whose active compounds have beneficial effects at men's urinary tract.
Fermented papaya product full of antioxidants with anti-age effect.
Essential element required for teeth and bone health.
Water soluble vitamin essential for healthy pregnancy.
Non - essential amino acid - neurotransporter.
Plant extract that improve brain health and circulation.
Plant genus with beneficial effect on whole body.
Amino sugar important for junk tissue construction.
Non-essential amino acid.
Conditionally essential amino acid.
The most important antioxidant in organism.
Non essential amino acid.
Liposoluble fitosteroid compound with beneficial effects on cardiovascular system.
Semi-essential amino acid very important in allergies.
Sulfur containing amino acids involved in methionine metabolism and DNA methylation.
Hydrophilic glycosaminoglycan that build cartilage.
Anticatabolic leucine metabolite.
Trace element important for normal thyroid function.
Essential element required for normal formation of blodd cells.
Fat-soluble carotene that protects eyes.
Liposoluble carotene with strong antioxidant effect.
Essential amino acid important in colagen synthese.
People with traditional usage as adaptogen.
Essential element important for muscle contraction.
Essential trace element.
Essential amino acids
A trace element important in iron metabolism.
OKG is a combination of amino acids: ornithine and glutamine
Hydrosoluble compound important for skin and hair health.
Antidepressive essential amino acid.
Mineral essential for teeth and bone health.
The most important intracellular cation important for muscle contractions.
Quinone molecule with antioxidant activity.
SAMe is compund made from methionine, a sulfur containing amino acids and ATP. Methionin, folate or vitamin B12 deficiences can reduce SAMe level.
An essential trace element important for the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes.
Phosphatidylserin is a serine compound made by a body. When is necessary the body can synthesize serine from glycine.
A mineral important in the prevention of osteoporosis.
The most important extracellular cation.
An element important for amino acid anabolism.
A non-essential amino acid.
- essential amino acids
- body can manufacture it from other nutrients
- essential amino acids
- nonessential amino acids
A trace element important in cellular metabolism.
- fat - soluble vitamin
Hydrosoluble vitamin necessary for normal DNA synthesis.
Hydrosoluble vitamin important in building antioxidant enzymes.
Hydrosoluble vitamin important in oxido-reduction processes of metabolism.
Hydrosoluble vitamin has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.
Hydrosoluble vitamin important in protein and fatty acid metabolism.
Hydrosoluble vitamin important as a cofactor in carbohydrate metabolism.
Hydrosoluble vitamin with antioxidant action.
Liposoluble vitamin important in calcium metabolism.
Liposoluble vitamin with strong antioxidant activity important for fertility.
Liposoluble vitamin important for normal blood coagulation.
Essential mineral, strong antioxidant and immunostimulans.